Who are The Imposters?

Sometimes when my mom is talking into her headphones, I like to sit on her lap and pretend to know what she’s talking about.
— Mallory's Cat
From left to right, in comic form: Amma, Becca, a poop friend, Mal & Sue

How did this nonsense get started?

Like all wonderful ideas, this podcast started with a group text, escalated to Google Hangouts with wine and evolved into time spent slightly tipsy with stomach cramps from laughing too much. Soon after hanging out for a few weeks, the girl gang decided that they wanted to record their conversations and figured, what the hell, why not share them? The Imposters Podcast was born. 

The Imposters 

Mallory Bower

Mallory Bower helps people discover their gifts and be brave enough to share them with the world. She makes words sound pretty and can also make pretty tasty huevos rancheros. She’s not into small talk but will chat with strangers about the meaning of life for days. She invented the F-bomb (you’re fucking welcome).

Sue Caulfield

Sue Caulfield can often be found with a marker in one hand, a coffee cup in the other, her head in the clouds and her mouth trying to filter all the ideas. She’s a maker, through and through, an illustrator and always up for a doodle challenge. She’s probably the one crunching in your ear during the podcast. #alwayshungry

Becca Fick
Becca Fick is a writer, reader, and explorer. She’s also the only extrovert in the group and is also (jealously) the only one without glasses. Yoga and running with her handsome mutt Conrad balance out her love of wine and beer.

Amma Marfo
Amma Marfo, like Alexander Hamilton before her, writes a lot of things down and says what she thinks. Also like Alexander Hamilton, she truly hopes it doesn’t get her shot.